Eplga: The 84th Conference Connecting Success

EPLGA the 84th Conference was a resounding success. With delegates from across the country coming together to connect and, discuss the latest developments in the industry. The conference provided a valuable opportunity for networking and learning. With speakers from both public and private sectors sharing their insights on various topics.

In the Central Eyre Iron Project. Iron Road CEO Larry Ingle gave an overview of the upcoming project, which is set to revolutionize the Australian iron ore industry.

We’ll be bringing you regular updates from the conference throughout the week, so stay tuned!

EPLGA 84th Conference was a resounding success

The 84th Eplga Conference was a great success!

The 84th Eplga Conference was held in Adelaide on the 16th and 17th of October, and it was a great success!

The conference was a chance for politicians, mine operators, resource companies, and local government representatives to come together and discuss the future of the resources’ industry in South Australia.

Some topics discussed included the development of new mines. The importance of regional development, and how to best connect with local communities. There was also a focus on new technologies and how they can be used in the resources industry.

Overall, the conference was an excellent opportunity for everyone to network and share ideas.

The theme for this year’s conference was ‘EPLGA2050: A vision for the future. Delegates heard from speakers covering technology, innovation, and business intelligence.

Eplga connects people from all over the world.

The 84th Eplga conference was a huge success, with people from all over the world coming together to connect and share their experiences.

It is an acronym that stands for Electromagnetic Pulse – Ground-Level Amplitude. It is the world’s largest international conference on geophysical and geological electromagnetic survey technologies.

The conference is held every two years, and this year it was held in Adelaide, South Australia. Delegates from more than 20 countries attended, including representatives from governments, mining companies, research institutions, and technology providers.

The conference provides a forum for delegates to share their latest research and developments. In electromagnetic survey technologies and discuss the latest industry challenges and opportunities.

Eplga helps people find the right resources.

The Eplga is a valuable resource for anyone looking to connect with the right people and resources in the mining industry. Through its events and conferences, Eplga provides a platform for businesses and individuals to come together and share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. This helps to build relationships and create opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Note: The conference concluded with a keynote speech by Michael Rousell, who spoke about his experiences. In the industry as an entrepreneur and investor.

The conference began with an inspirational keynote address by Dr. Michael Hazel.

The conference kicked off with an inspiring keynote address from Dr. Michael Heazell, Professor of Oncology at the University of Manchester and Director of Cancer Research UK0’s Manchester Institute. Dr. Heazell spoke about his work on understanding how cancer develops. And how we can use this knowledge to find new treatments that are more effective than those currently available.

He also discussed some challenges facing patients today, including a lack of awareness about cancer, who gets it, and how best to treat it.

That’s what the Eplga conference was all about

  • Throughout the day, delegates were able to choose from a wide range of sessions covering topics such as engineering, building design, and construction innovation:
  • Commercial property
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental healthcare
  •  Insurance of occupational health and safety
  • Pensions and benefits
  • Property management and leasing
  • Regulations / Laws / Policies / Accountability / Consent / Governance and legal matters
  • Social Investment / Responsible Investment / Impact Investment / Green Bonds / Environmental Bonds
  • Sustainable finance/investment opportunities in sustainable infrastructure projects; Technology (with artificial intelligence)

That was the topic of the Eplga conference.

The conference features over 1,000 sessions on various topics, including CBRS, mmWave. And 5G NR, and exhibitions and exhibitions by leading companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

The theme of this year’s conference was “5G Ready” and focused on ensuring. The networks are ready for the final rollout of 5G services. This includes providing that mobile operators have access to an adequate spectrum to meet their needs. As well as ensuring that their networks are capable of supporting new technologies such as multi-gigabit speeds and massive MIMO antennas.

Important Think

The first session, entitled “Looking forward to 2018,” was presenting by Mark Tansley from British Gas Business and focused on energy efficiency measures available for landlords through their energy supplier. Mark was also discussing how landlords could access grants under various schemes such as ECO. It is fund by Ofgem and provides grants up to £1,500 per property for eligible improvement works.

Mark Potter from Homes England, discussed

Next up was Mark Potter from Homes England, who was discussing how landlords could get involved with funding opportunities under their Affordable Homes Programme (AHP). This includes providing homes for rent at affordable rents and shared ownership schemes where people can buy a portion of their homes with help from government subsidies. Other projects include self-build opportunities where developers build homes on your land and lease them back to you; these properties are not.

The 84th Annual Conference and Exhibition (EPLGA) took place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from May 6th to 8th. The event was a massive success, with over 50,000 attendees visiting the show floor, making it one of the most popular events in the industry.

Eplga helps people connect with the right people

EPLGA is all about helping people connect with the right people. Whether you’re a local government employee or representative, or you work in the business community, Eplga provides a valuable platform for networking and building relationships.

The conference is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the latest industry trends and developments. With so many knowledgeable and experienced professionals in attendance, you’re sure to gain some valuable insights that can help your business grow.

If you’re interested in attending the EPLGA Conference in 2021, visit the website for more information. You won’t want to miss out on this valuable networking opportunity!

Elga helps people connect with the right opportunities.

Elga is all about helping people connect with the right opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to expand your business contacts, or want to meet new people, Eplga is the perfect place to start.

Eplga’s 84th conference was a huge success, thanks to our members’ hard work and dedication. We connected with some of the industry’s most prominent players, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us. We’re already looking forward to our 85th conference, and we know that it will be even better than the last! More

Eplga helps people connect with the correct information.

The 84th Eplga Conference was an excellent opportunity for people to connect with the correct information and make valuable business connections.

The conference was attending by over 150 delegates, who had the opportunity to listen to expert speakers and network with key industry players.

Attendees included representatives from government, industry, finance, and resources.

Eplga was committing to helping people connect with the correct information and make valuable business connections.


OZ Minerals group manager Geoff Deans outlined its plans to expand its operations in South Australia. At the same time, Renascor Resources managing director David Christensen spoke about the importance of exploration in developing new resources. The conference was also attend by representatives from government and industry bodies, such as DM Roads SA contract manager Tim Stanford. Overall, it was a fantastic event that provided valuable insights into the industry’s current state.

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