New Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC 2024

Pelham Springs is a gated community in Greenville. It offers townhomes and single-family houses. The place is close to the city’s lively area, bordered by Pelham and Butler Springs roads. 

Nearly 120 townhomes and unmarried-own family systems are inside the network. Houses have excessive-stop home equipment, hardwood flooring, granite counters, and open-ground plans. New Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC. 

Costs vary from $1,500 to 2,000 rectangular feet, with the low owner of a house’s association fees. The network boasts a pool and is near above-common-rated schools. Buying, eating, and smooth commutes are effortlessly nearby.

What types of homes are available in Pelham Springs?

Pelham Springs offers many houses, which include townhomes and single-own family houses. The network functions with almost 120 systems, offering alternatives for diverse options and dwelling preparations. 

Whether or not you are searching for a townhome’s comfort or a single-own family dwelling’s spaciousness, Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC, caters to distinctive lifestyles. The homes in this gated network are designed to meet current requirements, providing high-end home equipment, hardwood floors, granite counters, and open-ground plans. 

This variety allows capacity citizens to select a domestic that aligns with their preferences and wishes whether you’re a young expert, a growing family, or a person looking to downsize, Pelham Springs goals to accommodate numerous housing necessities within the serene confines of its network.

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What are the key features of these homes?

Pelham Springs homes boast first-rate functions, ensuring a comfy and stylish dwelling. Those residences have excessive-quit appliances, adding modern convenience to day-by-day life. 

Hardwood floors grace the interiors, supplying an undying and stylish touch. Granite counters in kitchens and lavatories decorate both functionality and aesthetics. The open-ground plans create an experience of spaciousness and flexibility, permitting residents to customize their living areas online demand

Massive windows invite enough herbal mildness, creating a brilliant and inviting atmosphere. These essential functions make a harmonious combination of luxury and practicality within each homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC. 

Whether or not enjoying the glossy kitchen design or the warmth of hardwood underfoot, residents of Pelham Springs can revel in the considerate information that makes these houses exclusive and ideal.

What is the price range for homes in Pelham Springs?

The homes in Pelham Springs cater to diverse budgets, with costs ranging from $1,500 to  2,000 rectangular toes. This affordability guarantees that individuals and families with distinctive monetary considerations can find a suitable home within the network. 

The various price varieties allow for flexibility, accommodating the ones searching for a smaller, extra fee-powerful option and those needing a larger residing area. This inclusive pricing strategy aligns with the network’s dedication to providing housing options for an extensive spectrum of capability residents Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC. 

Whether or not you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to improve to a more spacious dwelling, Pelham Springs gives more than a few selections to satisfy your precise wishes and monetary options. Moreover, the network’s commitment to low house owner’s association prices further complements the overall affordability of residing in Pelham Springs.

Are there additional fees, such as homeowner’s association fees?

Yes, Pelham Springs has homeowner’s association fees. However, they’re saved low. These fees cover communal facilities and services contributing to the network’s well-being. 

The low house owners’ association costs make residing in Pelham Springs more low-priced for residents even as they still impart vital benefits. These fees typically support the maintenance of shared spaces. Community landscaping and the preservation of services like the network pool New Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC. 

This ensures residents experience an adequately maintained and aesthetically appealing environment without a financial burden. The transparent and affordable approach to house owners’ affiliation prices aligns with Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC. Commitment to developing a community that is comfortable, stylish, and economically accessible for its numerous resident base.

How many structures are there in the Pelham Springs community?

Pelham Springs boasts many systems within its gated community, providing a various housing landscape for residents. 

Here is a breakdown:

Townhomes: The network features a massive stock of townhomes, imparting a more compact and communal dwelling style.

Unmarried-circle of relatives residences: Pelham Springs includes several unmarried-family homes, offering spacious and independent living alternatives.

Overall structures: The Pelham Springs network has almost 120 townhomes and single-family residences. This variety ensures residents can discover houses that shape their choices and lifestyle wishes.

This variety of systems contributes to the community’s vibrancy, accommodating exceptional household sizes, options, and existence. Whether you are searching for the camaraderie of a townhome or the privacy of an unmarried family residence, Pelham Springs offers many alternatives inside its comfortable and gated confines.

What amenities does Pelham Springs offer?

Pelham Springs offers various facilities to enhance the quality of life for its residents. 

Here’s a short assessment:

1. Community Pool: Citizens can enjoy a fresh network pool, providing a leisure and social hub for all.

2. Proximity to schools: Pelham Springs is close to above-average schools, ensuring smooth admission to pleasant training for households.

3. Close by Conveniences: The community is strategically positioned near shopping and eating alternatives, giving residents access to daily requirements and entertainment.

4. Clean Commutes: Pelham Springs facilitates easy commutes, permitting residents to travel to paintings or discover the encompassing areas effectively.

Those amenities contribute to the overall appeal of Pelham Springs as a properly rounded and suited residing community. Whether residents are looking for relaxation through the pool, price academic possibilities, or respect nearby conveniences, Pelham Springs strives to meet numerous way of life needs inside its comfy and welcoming surroundings.

How is the location of Pelham Springs about city conveniences?

How is the location of Pelham Springs about city conveniences?

Pelham Springs is strategically located, offering handy access to various city conveniences. Positioned close to the city’s energetic area. The network’s advantages are its proximity to essential thoroughfares such as Pelham and Butler Springs roads. This favorable vicinity ensures citizens can effortlessly get admission to purchasing, dining, and different city facilities. 

Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store, a meal at a nearby restaurant, or leisurely buying tours, Pelham Springs citizens can enjoy the ease of these city conveniences only a stone’s throw away. 

The community’s area helps smooth commutes, making it easier for residents to navigate the town and enter employment facilities or leisure hubs. Pelham Springs combines the tranquility of a gated network with the practicality of being carefully related to the dynamic offerings of the surrounding metropolis.

Is there a specific real estate agent or office to contact for inquiries?

For inquiries about houses in Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC, contacting local actual property retailers or places of work in Simpsonville, SC, is recommended. These professionals specialize in the local real estate market and might offer exact statistics about available listings, pricing, and the general domestic-buying technique. 

Nearby real estate companies regularly have committed agents knowledgeable about Pelham Springs and might guide capacity consumers through selecting and shopping a domestic within the network. 

Contact legit actual estate marketers inside the Simpsonville area to initiate the manner or schedule viewings. Their know-how ensures prospective residents receive accurate and precious data, making the home shopping for revel in Pelham Springs seamless and informed.


Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC in Greenville offers diverse townhomes and unmarried-own family houses, presenting comfy living with high-cease features. The network’s strategic vicinity close to Pelham and Butler Springs roads ensures smooth admission to metropolis conveniences, colleges, and commuting options. 

With nearly 120 structures, Pelham Springs gives choices for diverse lifestyles. The houses, ready with modern facilities, include a low-cost charge variety and coffee homeowner’s affiliation fees. 

Residents can enjoy network perks like a pool while profiting from proximity to above-common-rated colleges. For inquiries, contacting neighborhood Simpsonville real property retailers is suggested to ensure a smooth and knowledgeable domestic shopping method.


Q: How do I start the homebuying process in Pelham Springs?

A: Begin by understanding your budget, then consult with local real estate agents to explore options.

Q: Are there good schools in Pelham Springs for my children?

A: Yes, Pelham Springs boasts top-rated local schools and educational programs for children of all ages.

Q: What is the current real estate market trend in Pelham Springs?

A: Stay informed about the market trends by regularly checking with local real estate agents and online resources.

Q: How do I negotiate the best deal when buying a home in Pelham Springs?

A: Work closely with your real estate agent, who can guide you through effective negotiation strategies.

Q: What tips do you have for first-time homebuyers in Pelham Springs?

A: First-time homebuyers should start by understanding their budget, working with local real estate agents, and confidently navigating the homebuying process.

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