When Facial Hair is a Pain: How To Stop Itchy Baird

You can experience an itchy beard anywhere and at any time. An itchy beard is very uncomfortable and can make your beard look shabby. But, soothing an itchy beard is possible with the use of the right beard products, patience, and a little hard work. 

Have you ever thought about why men need to grow beards? First, of course, you will say it is a style statement. Yes, of course, it is, but that’s not the only reason. There are various reasons why it is beneficial for a man to grow a beard. 

Why growing a beard is beneficial?

  • Beard protects your skin from UV rays.

Beards help save the skin from destructive UV rays, though how much they will protect you depends on your beard volume and thickness. In addition, beards protect your skin from getting burnt and reduce the chances of skin cancer.

  • Beard reduces the chances of bacterial infection.

Beards shield the skin from infections. You may experience some minor cuts while shaving. Bacteria can enter those cuts and spread ailment. Beards help to reduce such issues. Also, the problem of acne goes away when you have a healthy beard. 

  • Beard acts as a natural moisturizer.

Another benefit of having a beard is that it dampens the skin. A beard helps you prevent moisture from rubbing off of your face. It also keeps cold air away and stops your skin from drying out. 

  • Beard decreases the chance of gum disease.

Your beard and mustache help keep bacteria out of your mouth and reduce the chances of getting gum disease. Of course, it is necessary to brush your teeth, but beards provide extra protection to your gums.

Maintaining a beard is sometimes a task, and your beard can be itchy. Let us discuss the causes of an itchy beard. 

Reasons for an itchy beard

  • New beard

It is typical to have an itchy beard when you grow a beard. For example, while shaving, you leave a sharp edge to each hair, and once it starts extending, the pricker strands of the hair scratch against the edges of the hair, causing an itchy beard.

  • Fully grown beard

Fully grown beards can require particular maintenance. The vital mistake men make at this stage is not having a grooming routine to keep the beard healthy. Itchiness happens when you do not clean, moisturize and trim your beard. 

  • Dry skin

Dry skin develops when the weather is dry or cold or due to genetic factors, certain medications, and some diseases. Other things making your skin dry can be shampoos, soaps, and other facial products, resulting in beard itch. Skin conditions like eczema can also dry your skin, causing your beard to itch.

There are some steps you should follow to make your beard itch-free. Also, try using Mancode’s beard oil and other beard products to soothe your itchy beard. 

Steps to avoid itchiness in your beard

  • Keep hygiene and beard care.

Keep your face and beard clean to stop oil, dirt, and bacteria.

Wash your beard with warm water every day. Do not forget to use beard wash. In addition, employ a beard conditioner with essential oils to keep your beard hair naturally oily.

Use a natural aftershave wash after each trimming or shaving. Sidestep products that have intense and unnatural chemicals.

  • Dry your beard correctly.

You must dry your beard accurately by patting it with a towel and not scratching it.

If you choose to blow-dry, apply a few drops of beard oil first because it has nutrients to fight the heat. Also, remember to set it at the lowest temperature possible to avoid irritation.

  • Use beard gel and comb.

A comb is good to straighten your beard hairs. We suggest combing your beard to keep it straight and eliminate any messes after using a moisturizing gel.

Beard gel and comb release the itchiness, and the beard’s shape becomes more expressed.

If you are looking for an effortless way to prevent itching and shape your beard, check out Mancode’s beard gel and other products from their range. 

  • Hydrate your beard

For hydration, a good beard conditioner is not enough. Boost your practice with beard oil and beard balm. Mancode’s beard oil and beard balm are made with argan oil, ideal for softening hair, and will not leave oiled remains.

Beard balms and oils help hydrate and moisten your beard. These products are a must in combating itchiness and irritation, and they keep your beard soft, skin moisturized, and unbreakable.

To conclude

If you are experiencing beard itchiness, allow your skin to calm down. Then, do not shave your skin in any way. Instead, involve gentle products to relieve the irritation and promote the dry skin under the beard. 

Beards can get itchy, especially if you grow one for the first time. Practicing proper hygiene and dealing with disorders can solve this problem. Also, do not overlook beard products like oil, balm, and conditioner.

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