Medhasoft – Bihar Govt’s New Portal for Students

Medhasoft is a portal launched by the Bihar government where all the students in Bihar complete the admission process, which is quite complex and time-consuming. The portal, founded on May 26, 2017, has reduced the number of students requesting late fees by 150%. All government schools can go to this portal and upload their student details.

I will show you below how to use Medhasoft. Moreover, How does it work? How do you get OTP and Install Medhasoft App?

What is Medhasoft?

Medhasoft is a web-based tool that helps government school teachers and students to maintain their personal information. The Bihar government has developed the software to keep their students ‘information safe and their data entered all schools, where all students’ information is safe and secure.

How does it work?

The teachers can use the software to enter the student’s details, like name, date of birth, address, etc., which will be stored in a database and viewed later by an authorized user. The teacher can also add extra details like marks obtained in exams or certificates given by other institutions that may help them in the future when they want to apply for a particular job or scholarship.

Why use the Medhasoft website?

Medhasoft gives students a safe place to enter their student information such as name, phone number, address, admission number, mark, etc. This allows them to upload photos and videos. Medhasoft has replaced the old school management system (SMS), which was not secure.

 Medhasoft website is software that government colleges and schools use to store students’ information. This website is an online database where the students can enter their mobile numbers, bank account details, etc.

This site has a unique feature that allows the students to upload their profile pictures, contact numbers, and other details. 

The information that is stored in this database is updated every day and also displayed on the official website of the college or school.

How to get OTP in Medhasoft?

First, you need to go to Medhasoft’s official website,

After clicking the sign-in option, you must enter your email address and password. You will then be redirected to the main page of Medhasoft, where you can choose your preferred language and application.

After selecting your language and application, you will be redirected to the login page. Here, you can enter your OTP or SMS address depending on your phone provider, usually sent via SMS or registered mobile number.

Once entered correctly, depending on your phone provider, you will be asked for an OTP code sent via SMS or registered mobile number.

How to download the Medhasoft app?

If you register with Medhasoft, you will have to fill repeatedly in the student information, in which case there will be some problems to fill out from the web, so the Board of Education of the Bihar government has made an application. medhasoft, which you can easily download.

You can get your Android phone or tablet free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and then install Medhasoft. Follow these steps to download Medhasoft:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for “Medhasoft.” You will see a list of results on the search results page. Click on it and install Medhasoft from the results list.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for the “Medhasoft” app again; Now, you will see an option to download directly from Medhasoft’s website. Click on it and follow the instructions given by the app developer to complete the installation process.

How will students enter Medhasoft?

If you want to enroll a new student in Medhasoft, you must follow some steps, such as logging into Medhasoft by entering the school ID and OTP.

Log in with your student ID and OTP:

  • Click the sign-in button at the top right of your screen;
  • Enter your username (your first name) and password (memorable), then click sign in;
  • You can now log in with your school account using the following methods:
  • If you use a registered mobile number, enter it here;
  •  After doing this, you need to fill in all the students’ information. Then, you fill in the correct information carefully and correctly.
  • If you have forgotten or expired your password, please click here for instructions to reset your password or reset it for free;

What to do if student details are wrong?

You do not need to be tense if the student’s details are incorrect. As soon as you log in to Medhasoft, you will see a dashboard, and there, you will find the solution to your problem so that the student details are changed, click on it.

1. Select the correct option and click “Modify.”

2. Now enter your first and last name and select your gender, then go to Next by clicking the “Submit” button.

How Medhasoft makes the benefits main

Medhasoft provides an easy and secure way to share information. It is an online platform that school management uses to upload data to students. In addition, the Medhasoft registration process is easy to use.


Medhasoft offers many benefits to its users, such as:

  • Control over the data stored on their system
  • Secure storage of their personal information
  • Access all student-related information through a single platform

How will new students enter Medhasoft?

If you want to enroll a new student in Medhasoft, you must follow some steps, such as logging into Medhasoft by entering the school ID and OTP. If you have an email account with us and you have used it before, you can use your email address directly.

If not, you must fill out the registration form and submit it via WhatsApp or Viber to register a new account. After submitting your application, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code on the same day. Enter the confirmation code in Medhasoft and click “Login.” Below are some of his ways:

  • First, you need to login into Medhasoft with your school ID and OTP
  • After that, you will see the dashboard. Click on it. In it, you will see the details of the student. As soon as you click on it, you will see the option of New Student Entry.
  • You have to click on the search button as soon as you click on it.
  • After doing this, you need to fill in all the students’ information. You fill in the correct information carefully.
  • After completing all the information, you need to click on the record sauce button, then the pop-up page opens.


Working in the field of education, we need to fully understand the education process, starting from the primary stages up to the higher classes. We have to consider every detail and write it down on a document.

Thus, we face paperwork and data processing. Now, with Medhasoft, we do not have to do so. It is a great software that saves us both time and effort. Moreover, it has been designed especially for stakeholders of all types.

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