What is a Good Engagement Rate for Different Social Networks

Engagement rate is among the main metrics used in any advertising campaign. But what exactly is a high percentage of engagement? With so many channels for marketing and metrics to track, it is often hard for marketing professionals to figure out what is a good engagement rate.

Engagement rate is defined as the degree of interaction people are having with your content. The amount of interaction varies based on the social platform. This article will discuss what constitutes a “good” percentage of interaction for each social network and how to improve your engagement. The engagement rate can also be increased by buying Instagram likes for your posts and videos. It’s a great technique adopted by celebs, too. Similarly, a social media celebrity profile can be seen – Ash Kash

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What are the best engagement rates for various social Networks?

Every social network has its distinct style and character, which translates into engagement rates. This is why we’ll go over each social network and provide you with a clear method to measure the engagement rate of your personal.

What is a good Facebook Engagement Ratio?

Facebook Engagement Ratio?

To calculate your engagement rate on Facebook you must:

  • Add the total amount of comments, reactions, and shares over the past 7 days.
  • Multiply this by the number of followers.
  • Multiply 100 by 100

You can also estimate your engagement rate beginning at your “people are talking about it” metric which includes all your interactions.

What’s the best percentage of engagement on Facebook? It depends on whom you want to ask. According to Hootsuite an average of the engagement rates for 2021 was 0.18 percent. Videos have a much higher engagement, with more than 6 percent.

What is a Great Engaged Rate on LinkedIn?

What is a great Engaged Rate on LinkedIn?

It is possible to calculate your LinkedIn engagement rate can be measured using the method of dividing posts’ interactions by the total number of users or posts that have been viewed. Recent data show that a high LinkedIn percentage of engagement is about two percent.

What is a good Twitter Engagement Rate?

Twitter Engagement Rate?

Based on Social Insider, the average Twitter engagement rate is approximately 0.04 per tweet.

To determine the engagement rate of your Twitter per tweet:

  • Take all comments, likes, and tweets
  • Divide your total by the number of followers.
  • Divide the number of posts by the total number of posts.

What is a Good TikTok Engage Rate?

In the last year, TikTok has been able to grow to become one of the most well-known social networks. This is due to its impressive engagement rate. The short, engaging videos have been proven to be the way to be successful for TikTok users.

House of Marketers found that the average engagement rate on the platform is 18 percent! TikTok provides an enormous chance for those who want to increase engagement and gain the reach of their audience. 

To determine the TikTok participation rate, for the entire profile:

  • Combine the hearts and comments of your most recent 20 videos.
  • Divide by the total number of views
  • Multiply 100 by 100

What is a good Instagram Engagement Ratio?

Instagram Engagement Ratio?

Instagram can be an intriguing platform to study due to Oberlo data as of January 2022, videos have a lower engagement rate than photos (0.61 percent, compared to 0.81 percent).

According to a new study conducted by Search Engine Journal, carousels that make use of all slides have a greater engagement than posts with just 4 slides. Combining photos and videos in posts can also result in more engagement. Buying Instagram followers will bring your posts up to the explorer page by boosting your accounts’ authenticity. To manage your business budget accordingly.

Calculate your Instagram engagement rate:

  • Make sure you add likes and comments
  • Divide your followers by the number of them you follow.
  • Multiply 100 by 100

1. Learn to Get to Know Your Followers

Making content that is of high quality is vital in boosting engagement. Therefore, you must understand who the content you create is for, so that you can address them in a way that they can connect. Learn about the common traits and habits of your audience, and tailor your style of branding and publication times to meet their needs.

2. Share Your Top Images

Images are among the most popular types of content as demonstrated by Instagram’s impressive engagement rates. Be sure to create compelling, high-quality images that are in line with your brand’s image and tell an engaging story. Images shared across multiple accounts tell stories that users can follow and discover.

3. Create high-quality video content

Social networks such as TikTok and Instagram demonstrate the potential of video content, and how it boosts engagement. Video can also be used to increase interaction through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Live video is a medium that has become extremely popular lately. Be sure that your videos are high-quality professional, likable, and focus on the essentials quickly.

4. Be Authentic

The days of polished content. Today, it’s important to show a more authentic and intimate side of your brand. People need authenticity. Live videos and stories have been so effective because of the demand for a more genuine and down-to real-world relationship. It displays vulnerability and ultimately creates confidence.

5. User-Generated Content

Social networks are all about interactions and conversations. One way to interact with your followers is to share posts by users through your brand’s account. If someone tags you, repay the favor by highlighting the tag. This will inspire others to follow you. Make sure you ask before sharing!

6. Answer Questions from Users

Every brand wants its customers to interact with and share its content. You should also join in the conversation, especially when it comes to concerns regarding your company or its products. Thanks for their comments and try to respond to their inquiries as well as keep the discussion flowing.

7. Post Diverse Content

The simple posting of text or images-based content could make your readers bored. Try experimenting with various types of content that are engaging to increase participation. Consider contests, surveys, questions, and As to create more of a dynamic presence.

8. Post regularly in the Ideal Times

Establishing a presence and increasing the amount of engagement you get requires patience and time. If you post regularly, you will gradually build momentum and broaden your reach. It also shows people that your posts are consistent and helpful. Conduct some research to determine the times that your users are online and make sure you post at these times to boost engagement.

9. Make use of Calls to Action

Each content producer wants their readers to take note of their posts. Make sure you are proactive and let them know what you’d like them to do! Ask questions, solicit opinions and invite users to “like and share’ to be entered into an award. Be careful not to be too invasive and keep it simple and enjoyable.

10. Test, track and analyze

We’ve provided you with a variety of tips to improve engagement, however, at the end of the day, each company’s approach will be different. To determine what will bring the highest amount of engagement for your brand, it is necessary to test different kinds of messages across different platforms and at different times and then track the outcomes. It might seem overwhelming, but once you’ve found those spots that work, you’ll be happy that you’ve put in the effort to begin.


The ability to increase engagement is a key metric that every brand should be focusing on. Engagement helps your content reach and greater reach and ultimately, it leads to higher sales.

These 10 suggestions are only beginning, however, increasing engagement doesn’t have to be difficult: Once you’ve found the social media platforms that match your brand the best, concentrate on creating quality content that appeals to your particular target group of customers. Discover when the users are the most active and connect with them with relevant and engaging content. Follow this often, and you’ll be on the way to growing engagement.

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